The Company

In 1930 Hafiz Ahmed din invented & become  Pioneer in the making of Halwa, in 1963 due to its incredible success and fame of unique flavour his only Son in law (Who was also his student) Hafiz Habib ul Rehman step forward and helped the company redefining new trends.

In Late 1963 Hafiz Habib ul Rehman set up the 1st Hafiz Halwa Showroom in “Hussain Agahi”, Which introduce the Halwa  not only in Multan but also throughout the pakistan.

In 1970 the firm was joined by Late Badruddin Qamar(GM), who turned the small business into an industry by expanding the area of sales as well as the production facilities, and in 1971 the company was officially registered as “Hafiz ka Sohan Halwa” under the rules of Pakistan.

In 1994 Hafiz Habib ul Rehman Son Mr. Khalil Ahmed joined the company after completing his Master of Business Administration degree, along with diploma in Hotel Management from Thailand.

He is known as an enthusiastic man in the industry and has an impressive innovative personality. He opened new horizons for the business by his broad vision and the ability to run the business which he learnt by his father and grandfather.

His dedication and extra effort brought loyalty among the team, vigilance and competitiveness in their fields. He believes that those who pass successfully from one generation to the next have a sense of cohesion because, deep down family members really do care about each other and they can get through the hard times.

The Company, which is wholly owned by the hafiz Habib ul Rehman family, has remained true to the values and principles of its founder and now enjoys wide recognition as one of the most competent operators in the field of Sweet.

I learned from my Dad the importance of integrity — in how you conduct your life, run your business and make decisions

Mr. Khalil ahmed ( CEO)

Our Registration Number is: 62517
This number represent that product is original.